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Typical LMS just allow you have discussions, post syllabus, send out assignments, and view grades. We do that and so much more, we are a functional tool for virtual and physical classrooms, with automated behavioral analytics, attendance tracking, recommendation, and matching algorithms. Students will want to be in the classes they’re assigned to and teachers will be excited about the tools they’ll have to manage their students’ growth.

A unique series of ML & AI that assesses student and teacher performance
Cloud-based dynamic portfolio that show real time skills growth
Automatic and gamified engagement

Features :

  • Monitor all breakout rooms at once.
  • Chat across all the breakout rooms.
  • Send content to specific breakout rooms.
  • Matching of students to project groups.
  • Matching of students to teachers/classrooms.
  • Attendance frequency analysis.
  • Essay syntax and sentiment analysis.
  • Earn on learn points systems.